Gema had been unlawfully terminated from her job as a domestic helper just a few months earlier. This had left her homeless and with nowhere else to go.

The cold weather, lack of hygiene and improper care had caused a serious infection at the top of Dian’s legs. Luckily an acquaintance spotted Gema and Dian and brought them to PathFinders. We immediately took Dian to hospital where he was admitted for emergency treatment and where he stayed for several days.

Once he was discharged, we were able to find space in the PathFinders shelter and ensured that he received a birth certificate. Gema cried as she felt terrible that she had not been able to keep her newborn baby safe. We offered counseling to her to ensure she was equipped and ready to take care of Dian on her own.

She learnt how to provide basic care for her baby such as how to breastfeed and bathe him. In the end she and Dian returned to their family in Indonesia to start a new chapter in life where there’s hope and a secure future.