During the first checkup at PathFinders’ clinic, our healthcare worker gave multivitamins and general antenatal advice to her, and explained that we would arrange for a blood test and an ultrasound (USG) scan with our pro-bono partner Matilda Hospital.

During a USG scan on 10 May 2023, she was advised to be immediately admitted to the Queen Mary Hospital with a risk of the mother delivering the twins very early. Eva remained in the hospital for two weeks and after discharge, she was advised to continue to carefully monitor her situation as the twins could be born anytime.

Eventually the twin boys were born on 10 July 2023 via an emergency C-section. They were born at 34 weeks weighing 2 kg and 1.9 kg. They had to be kept in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit until their breathing and weight gain were stabilised.

PathFinders continued to provide postnatal support for Eva to ensure she had essential supplies like diapers, clothing, formula milk, nappies and advice on pumping breast milk. In addition, we accompanied her to the birth registry to apply for birth certificates.

Eva’s plan is to return to her home country with her twin boys. She was so grateful to PathFinders as we continued to support them and give them hope for a bright future.