We INTERVENE DURING CRISIS to comfort and care for children born to migrant mothers and ensure they have a Nurturing Care Plan in place during the most critical years of early childhood development. We empower migrant women to make well-informed life decisions that PREVENT FUTURE CRISIS, and we provide employers with information and advice to enable pregnant MDWs to enjoy their right to ML and maintain job security. We engage with the general public to increase understanding, acceptance and support for children born to MDWs, andinspire SYSTEMIC CHANGE by ensuring that policies and solutions exist to protect pregnant MDWs and their children.



Media Coverage

Research & Publications

Commitment to strengthen protections for children born to MDWs and facilitate the implementation of viable solutions to enable employers to offer their MDW job security if/when pregnant

General public understand, accept and support protection for children born to MDWs

Policies and solutions exist to protect pregnant MDWs as well as their children


MDW Empowerment

Agency Assistance

Employer Engagement

MDWs make well-informed life decisions while working in HK and offered job security if/when pregnant, ensuring access to public services and ML to support their child receive a fair start in life

MDWs proactively engage and empower themselves about maternity rights, prevent an unplanned pregnancy and signpost PathFinders services, when needed

Employment Agencies enabled to play an ethical role to support MDWs and Employers in the case of a MDW pregnancy

MDW employers informed and supported with viable solutions to offer job security


Safety & Security

Good Health & Nutrition

Relationships & Learning

Every child born to a migrant mother has access to the essential components of the Nurturing Care Framework during the most critical years of early childhood development

Pregnant migrant mothers access services to stabilise/prevent crisis escalation and equipped to plan for their child’s future

Children grow up in a safe and nurturing environment, with an empowered mother to give them the best chance at a brighter future