When Baby Love was conceived, her father sadly rejected her and asked her mother, Camelia, to terminate her pregnancy. Camelia, a Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW), had just started work with a new employer, so she would need to be on maternity leave without pay. Despite the prospect of having no support or income, Camelia was determined to continue with her pregnancy.

Baby Love’s first days in the world were not easy. She had to stay in the hospital for a few days without her mother; and was admitted to the hospital not long after for an infection.

Baby Love is incredibly strong, calm and affectionate. Wherever she goes, everyone could not help falling in love with her! She also seems to sense the challenges her mother is going through which really brings comfort to Camelia.

Besides referring Camelia to a shelter, we also organised joint mediation meetings (with our partner EQJ). Baby Love’s father eventually accepted her, and she received her birth certificate and Hong Kong passport last month.

It is incredibly challenging for MDWs to raise their children in Hong Kong, particularly so with minimal support from the children’s father. Camelia’s family in the Philippines agreed to help her look after Baby Love.

Camelia cannot wait to introduce Baby Love to her family, and for Baby Love to celebrate Christmas with her grandmother in the Philippines. With the full support from her extended family, Camelia plans to return to Hong Kong and continue her job as a MDW to support Baby Love to have a brighter future.