Homeless, unemployed and without a valid visa, Demi had been getting by each day with the help of her friends. She was also moving from home to home. As Demi’s pregnancy progressed, it became increasingly difficult without access to public healthcare and very limited finances.

With the help of PathFinders, she went to the Immigration department to surrender, as she had overstayed for months. We provided Demi with shelter, pregnancy consultations to ensure her pregnancy had no complications given she did not go through any check-ups during the first two trimesters of her pregnancy.

Demi initially wanted to put her baby up for adoption. She was overwhelmed by the prospect of being a single mother. She was unsure if she would be able to provide for her child, given she had no income or social support.

During her stay at our shelter, she was provided with counseling and regularly joined our education workshops. As time passed, Demi felt empowered through the support of PathFinders staff, education classes, and the friends she made through PathFinders. She changed her mind about adoption and decided to raise Shawn back in her hometown in Indonesia.

Shawn was supported with regular immunisations and we ensured he was achieving all his milestones. He was also assisted to obtain his birth certificate and travel document. Shawn is now happily staying with his mother Demi in Indonesia, and as a family they are building a sustainable and brighter future together.