She was struggling with hopelessness because Samirah’s father left her when he found out she was pregnant.

When Samirah was born, she had jaundice and had to stay in the hospital for 4 additional days. Samirah also had high blood pressure and was given medication upon her discharge from the hospital. As Agata’s working visa had already expired, the hospital bill mounted up which compounded her stress level.

To ensure Samirah safety, they moved to our shelter. With support from other mothers in the shelter and encouragement from our educational workshops,Agata’s physical and mental health improved.

Samirah received her birth certificate and went for regular check ups and was on-track with her immunisation. She and Agata are also both supported by International Social Service (ISS).

It makes us incredibly happy to see Samirah’s gorgeous eyes and delightful smiles everytime we meet her. She spreads joy wherever she goes, and loves being held by different expecting mothers after our education workshops.