Being a very difficult and high-risk pregnancy, Leyden needed plenty of bed rest, making it tough for her to perform most of her work tasks. Fortunately for Leyden, her mother was also a Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) working for the same employer – so she often covered Leyden’s work tasks when she needed to rest.

Leyden was extremely blessed to have a supportive and understanding employer. Her employer was overjoyed when she found out about Leyden’s pregnancy, as she was aware of her medical condition.

After Noellyn was born, the employer’s family welcomed Noellyn with open arms and graciously made room for her in their home so she could be raised by her mother and grandmother.

Leyden’s unusual circumstance – to have such strong support from her mother and employer – made her extremely grateful and empathic towards fellow MDW who are pregnant in Hong Kong (HK). A MDW pregnancy in HK could indeed be wrought with many obstacles and difficulties.

Leyden is now one of our active Ambassadors who regularly spreads awareness about maternity protection and planned parenthood to the MDW community in HK!