During interactions with her, it was evident to our Case Manager and healthcare team that Madhubala was experiencing significant mental health issues and mood fluctuations. Her score in the EPDS (Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale), a survey we give to all FDW mother beneficiaries to measure postnatal depression, was very high indicating she needed acute assistance and support. An immediate referral was made to the Maternal and Child Health Centre (MCHC) to address her unstable mood and monitor for postnatal depression.

The MCHC expedited Madhubala’s case and she was seen by a consultant psychiatrist. Our healthcare team accompanied Madhubala to appointments and helped her navigate the healthcare system dealing with several medical departments. We arranged a Bengali translator to ensure she could discuss her health in her mother tongue and have a comprehensive understanding of her health plan. Madhubala was prescribed antipsychotic medication to treat her diagnosis of Adjustment Disorder. Our healthcare team kept closely in touch and monitored the status of her son who was being cared for by her husband.

With tremendous efforts from Madhubala and our healthcare team, her overall mental health improved remarkably and she is now able to take care of the baby safely herself. This is one of the many stories that motivate us to work harder for the betterment of FDW mothers and their children in need.