Being pregnant out of wedlock is considered taboo in Indonesia, as it tarnishes one’s family reputation. Upon learning about her pregnancy, Fina’s family was furious. That left her with no choice but to remain in Hong Kong.

With no employment, no means to go home, and failure to be granted an extension for her visa in Hong Kong, Fina ended up overstaying illegally. Chris’s future was hanging by a thread. He was at risk of becoming stateless as well as being stripped of his right to access healthcare and education. Chris’s father was also nowhere to be found.

PathFinders assisted Fina to surrender to the Immigration department for overstaying. She also stayed in a shelter for the rest of her pregnancy until she was able to receive further support from another NGO.

After Chris was born last month, we helped him obtain a birth certificate. We rejoiced with Fina and Chris when Fina’s family finally came to terms with the situation. Fina and Chris are now preparing to head back to Indonesia where they could be well-supported by family and Chris can have a fair start in life.