Our Ambassador Programme was launched in 2019 to empower MDWs as community leaders, equipping them with knowledge, information and skills training to expand our outreach, amplify our messages and signpost our Crisis Intervention services.

Amongst our 267 Ambassadors, they all have unique backgrounds and invaluable experiences. Some were previously pregnant MDWs and they understand how challenging and helpless it could be to fall into a crisis. Some may have met with the mothers and babies we serve or have MDW friends who became pregnant and required urgent assistance. We also see MDW community leaders who want to explore and learn how to better support fellow MDWs when it comes to pregnancy as well as maternity rights and protections.

Provided with bespoke training, our Ambassadors are enabled to professionally deliver outreach and education during our weekly outreach across Hong Kong with confidence, accurately, confidentially, and in a way that is culturally sensitive.

This is particularly important for the MDW communities coming from countries that don’t often encourage comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education and/or gender equality. This means that many MDWs are not aware of their maternity rights or lack the confidence to stand up for themselves. Our professionally trained Ambassadors have therefore become a key driving force to raise awareness, while providing relevant and practical support to their fellow MDWs in this respect.

Meet our Ambassadors:

  •  Yayuk joined us in 2019 and was the only Ambassador who was active on Saturdays. This year, Yayuk started her pilot outreach project promoting maternity protections and mental health for MDWs through craft making – a winning project of Are You OK 2023 programme. 
  • Anik joined us this year. She is one of the Ambassadors who were invited to speak about sexual wellness on JCI’s Pillow Talk programme.
  • Ailenemae joined us in 2021. She is a profound leader in the MDW communities and the founder of Migrants Writers – a platform to share inspiring and motivating MDW stories with the public.
  • Mardy joined us last year. She co-led the Lovescams and Maternity Protection webinar in collaboration with our partner HelperChoice.
  • Jovelyn joined us this year. She is one of the Ambassadors we invited to share their stories on social media to celebrate the International Domestic Workers Day.