Claire’s mom Vincy has been juggling her work as a Migrant Domestic Worker, supporting Claire and managing her other responsibilities with admirable poise and strength. This supermom does a weekly COVID-19 test so she could visit Claire on her only day off, and she is also preparing for her upcoming wedding!

PathFinders has been supporting Vincy with emotional support as it has not been easy for her to be away from her baby since birth. She needs to work hard to be able to provide for Claire’s needs. Besides assisting Claire with critical medical equipment funding, we have also obtained a birth certificate and travel document for her.

Claire has definitely inherited her mother’s resilience and courage. A real trooper, she has had multiple surgeries to date and is making gradual progress. She is breathing with the help of a ventilator, and is feeding through a gastrostomy tube. Doctors say that the immediate goal for Claire is to be able to breathe for 4 hours without using a ventilator.

Let’s wish Claire a speedy recovery so that she can experience the warmth of the sunshine and the love of her family soon!